I am very interested in supervising Masters students particularly on the MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience (but also for the MRes in Psychology). For a Masters dissertation it is possible both to conduct new research using behavioural or EEG methods, and at certain times, to assist with carrying out pre-planned fMRI experiments. In addition, it is also possible to carry-out secondary data analysis of pre-existing fMRI data.

Some Example Topics

Connectivity Analyses of Multisensory context effects (fMRI secondary data analysis)

The efficiacy of predictive coding in schizotypy or autistic like traits (behavioural studies)

Neural mechanisms of object occlusion in Inferotemporal Cortex (fMRI secondary data analysis)

Previous Dissertation Titles (Selection)

Configural and featural processing of facial emotion expressions in psychometrically defined Schizotypy

The N170 is amplified for eye-sensitive emotions when the eyes are occluded from view

Post-Encoding elimination of the own-ethnicity bias: the use of pre-retrieval manipulations to increase holistic processing of other-ethnicity faces